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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 27, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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them. sean: i will put them on my website,, whether or not lou holtz should run. that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for being with us. greta is standing by. we will see you back here tomorrow. greta: well, he fought hard. senator ted kennedy, the head of the kennedy clan, fought hard, but he lost his battle with brain cancer. >> the work goes on, the cause endures, and the dream will never die. greta: you will hear more from senator kennedy in his own words, and karl rove talks about working with senator kennedy, what it was like to work with him and against him. plus, do you want to dish out more than $1 billion for farmers' markets and jungle
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gyms? if you do not pay attention, you might be dishing this adds. steve moore is here to explain. but first, we spoke to a senior adviser to president bush, karl rove. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me, greta. greta: the news that has consumed everyone in the last 24 hours has been senator kennedy's death. i assume while you were here in washington, you had a chance to work with him. >> he was hard-working. when you went to a meeting with ted kennedy, as we did many times at the white house, you had better had done your homework, because he did is. this is a guy that got every morning and said, "how can i advance because i believe in?" he was a fervent advocate, and he did his homework, so i had a great deal of respect for him
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after i saw how hard he applied himself, particularly in comparison to a lot of people around him. he was an outgoing person, very friendly when he came to the white house, very courteous, a generous person. i found it hard to compare the person that i saw or the person that i saw with sam alito or john roberts, particularly sam alito and robert bork. i thought it was beneath the dignity of a senator and beneath the dignity of a candidate. -- of the kennedy. i did have a healthy respect for his commitment. i did not always agree with them. greta: what is interesting is that politics really is a contact sport in many ways, and some people can say such horrible, rotten things about each other, but they can work together for the common good.
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it is interesting how fluid the situation is. >> look. i think you can have a big, fervid disagreement, and with all due respect to senator kennedy, i think what he said about robert bork was not good, and i think what he said that samuel alito diminished senator kennedy, not justice alito. he had a keen understanding of the presidency. i would occasionally walk through the west wing of the white house, and there would be senator kennedy sitting there with margaret spellings surrounded by stacks of paper going through intimate, small, precise amendments and language of the bill, and it was not that's senator kennedy felt that he needed to take president
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bush's time of this. he knew he had authorized margaret spellings to be his negotiator, so senator kennedy had no ego in dealing with the policy chief rather than having to sit down with the president to iron out subsection 43, paragraph five. no one knew the nuances and language like he did. great: what about the health- care debate in this city? >> i year a lot of democrats say and some commentators that this gives health care a big boost, after having a bad august, it gives it some energy coming into september, but i doubt it. that may be the case. i do not think people are looking to pass a bill that
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changes their health care, make their health care worse, spends $1 trillion? changes the whole big chunk of the economy. with all due respect to senator kennedy and his work,i do not think at the end of the day members of congress are going to feel comfortable going home to say, "i know the bill was bad, but i voted on it because it had kennedy's name on it." greta: getting 60 votes on any bill, one less person in their corner. >> an interesting point. between now and the election, it is likely to be in january. i need to find out if there is a runoff, which may take longer, but now, they have 59 votes, so they cannot bring cloture. they just cannot ram it through with 60 democrats sustaining a
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cloture vote. so if it is going to be interesting to see how harry reid handles and. he has got a terrible job. the job of the majority leader in the senate has enough responsibility but not enough authority to match it, and he already faces a contentious senate, and it will be interesting to see how he handles it. greta: one of the things i just missed, or maybe i am a full, but suppose this bill does not get passed. let's say the president flat out loses on this. why can they not go home for one week and then start it back up again? why do we have this fixation that it has to be this one by a certain time? >> yes, it is because the president made it that way. the president said he wanted a bill out of the house and senate at the end of july. i thought it was a mistake on the administration's part, on the president's part, to set that deadline, because this complex bill, i mean, this bill is huge.
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this is a big piece of legislation, and members have to take a large amount of time to digest it, and by setting the deadline, he already set himself up for defeat. but you are right. they can start it again. if they start it again, does the president make the same mistakes he made earlier this year, or does he recognize the error of his ways and come out in a different direction? i would say three mistakes. he turned it over to the house of representatives, for them to write it with out any republican votes. there was the critical elements is he for a public option or against a public option? and thirdly, does he personally intervene in this process in order to make sure that there is a true bipartisan bill? the president has sort of defined by partisanship in this and that republicans did into everything their democratic colleagues want, and "i do not take any responsibility for the bill."
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greta: no public option. if a bill is passed minus that public option -- i do not know if it will be -- but do they do what lawyers do when they walk out of the courthouse and say that both sides won? do they announce that it was a great victory? >> if the bill passes without a public option, he has to say, but i was for it, but at the end of the day with people coming together, it did not work out. i thought it was useful, but at the end of the day, give it to what the bill actually does." it may be that he cannot get a bill with a public option, and he cannot get a bill without a public option. he cannot get a bill without a public option because he may have a bunch of people on the left of the party, the sort of crowd, that he does not have the votes, or, click, and enough democrats are signaling that they are against the public option in the senate that he may not be able to get the bill passed in the senate
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because they have enough democrats that say, "i cannot vote on a bill that has a public option in it," so they do not have enough votes for a cloture. i think the president is missing an opportunity here. there are some things where there could be some bipartisan agreement, and he is not trying to fashion goes into a separate item to move them. he has also made a mistake and that he has made the financing of this, two-thirds of the financing of this is dependent on medicaid and medicare cuts, and not just restricting the future growth, but absolutely cutting the money that will be spent on some of these programs, like medicare advantage. if i have this in my column tomorrow morning in "the wall street journal." one out of every five seniors have a medicare advantage plan that will be demolished by the president obama health-care
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plan. this is seniors in every congressional district. that is enough to tip any closer race, and if you are a vulnerable candidates, and you have got to be thinking about what happens when president of, -- what happens when they find out that president obama wants to cut this. greta: the democrats have a new strategy. they are organizing protest to the protests. stay tuned for more. sarah palin is under attack. her enemies are targeting her friends. what friends and how are they doing this? stick around, you will find out. the right coverage at the right price. our first priority is looking out for you.
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greta: more with karl rove. the democratic party is really reverend -- revving it up.
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they are urging people to go to town hall meetings in support of the bill. i found interesting than they of so overtly doing it. they had to. they can smell the difference between áhe seiu and the people in whong g paid a wage, and there is the kind of ppáárjz that they seeing from ordinary americans showing up at town hall meetings. i get a lot of emails. they say, "look, i've never been politics." "i am a democrat." "i am a republican." org "i am an independent." this has touched and lot of people. the last box poll shows how strong the opposition is. i may be wrong -- the latest that.oll shows is 30% of democrats
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not support the president's pioll. the latest fox oll. çin the abc/"the washington po" ç40% support it, 50% thine opposed it, and many strongly plan while only 27% strongly supported it. those numbers of got to be discombobulated -- have got to discombobulated for the people in the white house. even a significant amount of like whatwho do not the president is proposing to do on health care. greta: do you think president obama, or rahm emanuel, is making daily calls that say, line"?ur democrats in just as sort of a flight on the wall, is back and forth with kerry reid saying, "this is your
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to a range this"? -- is back and forth with harry reid. >> whether they can peel olympia 3nowe of, or whether they have last weekend, senator schumer, head of a senatorial and he has big the democratic he said, in essence, we to go without votes.can we will do it with 51 votes as of what is called "budget reconciliation." think this was a threat. this is indicative of seven some of the key letters leaders, whi(r is, "forget working with republicans. not need a bipartisan bill. go forwarding to with democrats only and try this procedure of which wouldon require only 51 votes."
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i have talked to some experts say there are real problems with the democrats in doing this. it cannot be pulledç off with e chuck schumer talked about on sunday. greta: do you thinkç senator trouble?d is in his numbers are slipping down, but, politically, for him back home? yes, look, his numbers are dreadful in nevada. not only that, it spilled over with an effect to his son, though is running for governor, and there is a twice failed candidate running for office, and basketball coach, and he is losing by 5 points to a former state assemblywoman a state chairman. i mean, harry reid's numbers are , abysmal. it is partly due to president obama and to a very negative reaction to president obama by
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the people in nevada, but is harry reid. he is not representing the of nevada but washington valleys. has become more unreliable more liberal than he is trying to convey back comments, guess what? his numbers are dreadful -- that is trying to convey back home, and, guess what? his numbers are dreadful. greta: i wonder to what extent his sort of slipping numbers at home undermine him, corralling out thisors to figure bill? i am not sure it has much impact on it excepted the degree makes a more engaged in is own business -- except to the degree that makes him more engaged in is own business. again, that is the worst job in the world. trent lott wanted to have it, mcconnell which want have it, and harry reid has it, but once you have it, it is
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a difficult job. a bunch ofhere are more senior democrats that have liberalç viewpoint then reid. is sort of a western or he came as a western monarch -- have a more liberal viewpoint then harry reidç -- than harry reid. they let him have it. as a result, he has always had of a weak control over his caucus. again, i do not waná to talk about the specifics, but i am about this and my book because he would say, "i will do x," but he had no ability to do x, and the democrats would say, harry trying to create atl." greta: karl rove, thank you --
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greta: all right, you all knows steve moore. is here m&a and nine. sifting through e massive health care bills, and he is talking about $1.60 billion for farmers' markets and your favor, and jungle gyms. all right, steve. jungle gyms? different to stimulate the the health-care reform. pages 382 to 392 in the bill. it is amazing what you find out when you do read this bill, and thee are provisions in for, for jungle gyms, parks, for urban farmers' for bicycle trails. greta: who has got their fingerprints on this, by the way? we do not know. there are a number of groups that testified when they were bill of that these be things to help communities, a
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but you have;háo ask about a is supposed to be reforming the health-insurance do we need to be over $1ñbillion on these programs? becomes a [pr greta: that is not a small amount of money. $1.60 billion or $1.80 billion. it sure is. , $1.80 billion. greta: that could rescue some of the smaller states almost. that is right. you have the state of rhode have to shut they down the government for 10 days. stuff in year. sort of health o intoof health business is, that will go into restaurants, that will go into that theyd make sure have healthy food and all of this stuff. greta: belonging in the stimulus
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bill? if you run a business, do you want some kind of health, cop coming into your business? greta: i did not say i was in r of it. i just notice the irony that it was health-care reform so people get health insurance so they could take care of their health needs, and this pork that gets shoved and if there was pork to be shoved in a bill, you be in thect it to bill.ulus >> the way the members look at remember, we talked about theç other night the devils a f trillions of dollars. nobody is going to notice this. nobody reads the bill. greta: but who did this? somebody has done this? i will report back tomorrow night. greta: it is probably somebody is brother-in-law is a
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of jungle gyms. up with this idea? is the other thing. is that a staffer is says, "how about this? $1.60 billion for jungle gyms and police to see if whether or not people are sq&ling good ."od >> wellness programs and and of the optrjju @ in restaurants and other food menus, reducing racial and ethnic disparities, and it goes on and on. greta: this has nothing to do with health insurance, and if theme is that we become at e.d. in the short we get healthier in the run, doing it byf creating more government. if there is no doubt that if people be healthier lifestyles, d if they eat better, if they -- if people have lifestyles --
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greta: it would be better to have the public service announcement. "do not need too many -- eat too many fries." çthank you. coming up, one of the best ways to knowç of a person is to hear directly from that person rather than people talkr'g about that person. senator ted kennedy this morning and in a few moments, you will hear senator ted kennedy in own words, and later, court just shady? just shhem out to of billions of dollars, did they hide something from you? are things totally outt new crest pro-health enamel shield protects against enamel loss by forming a micro-thin shield against acid attack. only crest pro-health toothpastes protect all these areas dentists check most. new crest pro-health enamel shield.
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greta: a political giant is dead at age 77. senator ted kennedy died of cancer early this morning,
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and this just in to fox. senator john mccain will speak for senator kennedy this friday boston, and today, senator mccain said the late senator was ", always, quote, his word." he was a political dynasty filled with triumphs and and there was kennedy and senator kennedy, both assassinated, his older brother shot down and in world war two, and, of his nephew died in a plane crash. he was known as "the alliance of senate -- the lion of the senate." he devoted himself to reforming health care, calling it "because of -- the cause of hisç kufe == çlife."
1:31 am
senator kennedy in his own words. from our experience, my r jack's, bob's, mine, in our travels around the state, indicationeen every people are interested in man and what he represents. periodslived through of more faith and violence than the historytimeñin of our country. it is the likes of which we must never and can never lived through again. as we approach the 1970's, we keep in mind the events of 1960's, and it has been said we lived the past we have forgotten. he saw suffering and try to heal saw a war and tried to stop
1:32 am
it. for all of those whose cares about and our concern, the market goes on, -- the work goes on , the cause endures, and the hope lives on. that we never lose sight, that we view ourselves with a sense of perspective and a sense of humor. in today's global economy, the quality of the nation's work importantts most asset. investing more inç america's is the key to america's future economic success. how many times are theyç not ñ+ing to pay their utilities? this is what we are talking about. hard-working americans that deserve a living wage. this issue is as old as the last years in the united states it, but we have come together at
1:33 am
important time of decency fairness for working americans. i, for one, am tired of being on floor of the united states where virtually every of the united states senate has a good health e program, and is subsidized by each and everyone that are out there. the torch will be passed again to lay new generation of americans -- to a new generation , so with barack obama and for you and for me, our country will be committed to his cause. the work begins a new. the hope of rises again, and the dream lives on. greta: a true public servants,
1:34 am
senator ted kennedy will be friday at arlington national cemetery. next up on "the record," yes, to be livid. of dollars in bonuses, and whys- and are doing that, they hiding soscáhing from you? and president obama sending a jets -- and a president e jet toa privat california to bring home a terrace. terrace. now, moammar gaddafi w w w w w w that's a-- tiny netbook. yeah, it's-- good-looking, lightweight. generally awesome. and you could just-- go online, video-chat with my cousin. this is un-- under $200. are you some kind of-- mind reader, visionary ? no, i have them. huh. the new lightweight hp mini netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable
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>> people in the bahamas and along the east coast are being advised to keep an eye on tropical storm danny. it is gathering strength as it turns north in the atlantic. it is packing 50 mile per hour wind. it could clip the west coast anywhere from the carolinas on the north this weekend. nasa is reporting positive test
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reports from one of the main valves on the space shuttle. a faulty fuel valves forced nasa to shut down a launched earlier this week. another attempt will be made early friday. the crew is scheduled to deliver supplies and equipment to the i. greta: did somebody do something shady? is what we know. bank of america bought merrill lynch in this winter. merrill lynch wasç going under was bought with its executives were awarded big time. got $3.60 billion in bonuses. now, here is the shady part. the shareholders were not told of the $3.60 billion paid to at merrill lynch. bank of america and got expos. the sec jumped into it, hit bank with a civil suit, and now, that suit may be
1:40 am
oftled with millions but a federal judge may fast.t so know whose idea it was to hide the bonuses. it was yours during a caught my louise.n, louise.n, our story that t my attention. >> it was somebody looking for some answers. greta: what ij the excuse the bank is giving? the judge wants to know, a ok, of hid this from the shareholders and thought it be ok to do it -- the judge wants to know, ok, who's of hit this from the shareholders and thought it be a gate -- this sort of hid this from the shp)eholders
1:41 am
and thought it would be ok? >> there is a turney-client privilege, so right now, they not speaking -- there is a turning-client privilege -- a ttorney-client privilege. greta: all right, i read in york "the new york times" why can they just notç i read in your article that. >> bank of america ha&o asserted 0 pages of privileged that they do not want the sec to review, and they are attorney-client privilege. they told the sec that you on your lawyer is a vice.
1:42 am
waived attorney- so -- privilege by doing advise -- more yea-- lawyer's advice. greta: they paid billions to the executives.h that moneynow where came from. the shareholders have to pay that. then, the sec its n n slaps them a fee. again, the shareholders have to pay that penalty if the judge oks it -- the judge hits them with a fee. so they paid $3.60 billion, $33 million, and attorney's fees. the judge must be furious. >> why executives are not being called to be responsibleand
1:43 am
even yesterday wondering what the lawyers were not being irresponsible. -- what the lawyers were not being responsible -- why they were not. taxpayers are shareholders of so this isrica, really a public interest issue. greta: it is. it is a great story you wrote in "the new york times perper thank you. thank you. ì(lc@&c+ that you wrote in "the new york times." thank you. check out these housing plans he wants to pitch a bedouin tent something he does when he but the neighbors are fuming. why? well, for starters, muammar qaddafi gave a killer of the of a hero. he was released from jail after
1:44 am
only eight years. scottish government released on compassionate grounds say he has terminal but people are furious. he killed 270 people. do the math. is about 14 days per murder. them were from new jersey. we spoke to one very angry residents. in particular, a rabbi. rabbi, is nice to see you, sir, person. before.spoken we have. are we?here we are in a suburb of new york city, across the hudson, and we are only minutes from the of manhattan. greta: there is some noise in the background. what is that? >> they are -- bret: is "they -- greta: who is "date -- "they"?
1:45 am
>> the libyans. it is supposed to be the second the libyanf to the united states. for years, the building was completely and utterly derelicts. it was overgrown, a community and about three months it sprung to life -- and at -- derelict. when youç are a middle eastern e regime set, whos ocean of oil, and youç have a lot of money to spend, even for your two-week in new jersey. muammar qaddafi has the habit of pitching is bedouin tent under receive visitors when he travels abroad. he had no place to pitch in that tent. a permit in central down.nd was turned you looked at the level of expenditure that is going on
1:46 am
you can see is staggering. it was a derelict property. it did not have a roof. this fence is brand new. my offense was taken down my having been informed, without my permission, without authorization -- my fence was down. was not informed. they cut down all of my trees, have to be at rocket scientist to understand why. he cmes with an army to protect compromise.ivacy is entirelyei- uno is what state of the art eavesdropping devices they will use. this is the last thing that we who knows what state-of- eavesdropping devices will use? i am a rabbi. he is contentious with human life. over the weekend with a welcoming and mass 270 people, killed
1:47 am
including many americans, including many residents of new jersey, returning to him as a that was stomach turning. al-megrahi, the lockerbie was a member of libyan intelligence. was not officially a terrorist. out the ordersç to place the bomb on pan am 103 which went off over lockerbie, piniella is what these guys are involved in? can you imagine these families later are just beginning to get on with their and now, they have to shocking horror of having to see their murderer, just being welcomed home, but being welcomed times as a , this coward? and what did he do? he put a bomb on a plane with any blew theme, where people were over a small scottish town, and this man is a hero? this is utterly inappropriate.
1:48 am
greta: , are you the only one in this neighborhood saying this? speaking bqár"e you? >> we are a unified voice, and sunday a big rally oñ where the residents are going to make their voices heard. want them here. o not want a terrorist here. "t#inancier here. we do not want him here. -- we do not want a terrorist your -- financier here. greta: coming up, sarah palin, mark sanford has a bombshell. plus, painting the town red, literally.
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greta: you have seen our top but here is the best of e rest. former governor sarah palin is r attack, a cyber attack. well, sort of. since leaving office, she has been using facebook to post messages, and she had 800,000 facebook friends, and now, when her 800,000 followers log on to herk page, they see anti-palin
1:53 am
messages. one says to have for stop lying çabout death panels. -- log on to per page. -- herç page. and a super sized food fight. do not worry. that is just a matter. 40,000 people are involved. from as far ase japan and australia. the party is in its 64th year. ole. he may be running out of places go. first, ms. white said, "it is time to go." and now, the lieutenant governor time for him to go -- first, his wife said that. now, legality of governor sandford's travels are being
1:54 am
investigated. >> it is my belief that the people can no longer be served.3 already been revealed, along lingering questions and n distractions, -- and continuing distractions need a change in leadership. greta: cella governor mark >> the end in my time up politics will be in the end of but i do want to make the most of it. i will not be railroaded out of this office by political or folks who were never fans of mine in the first place. well, we guess that is a "no." and the)e you have it, the best but still ahead,
1:55 am
your last caller, one more quick round before we turn down the lights. çtiger woods. what is it? you will see,ç but you will hae around just a couple of minutes. minutes.
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insurance covered it all. call the scooter store for free information today. call the number on your screen for free information. greta: 11:00 is almost here. flash the studio lights. something in common with president obama and tiger woods. >> denying rumors that president has plans to play a round golf with the tiger woods. they say it is not going to happen. however, president obama is going to ask tiger woods of the government can borrow? $300 trillion. ur lcarillion.